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Our Services

We specialize in web design for WordPress sites for small and medium businesses. We also offer professional web development services and on top of that, we also offer selected SEO services and business branding. As a small business ourselves, we go out of our way to help other small businesses grow in today’s competitive digital world.


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WordPress WebDev

Specializing exclusively in WordPress, we know all the ins and outs of web development, best practices and optimization on the world’s favorite content management system.


We are proud to offer different SEO services to fit every niche and budget. Search Engine Optimization is a key element in getting you the leads you deserve!


Please send us an email to discuss your branding requirements. If you’re a new business in search of a logo, or whether you want to re-brand your business, branding is an integral part to creating your legacy.  A strong and identifiable brand distinguishes you from your competition, makes you memorable and builds trust with clients.

Award Winning Websites

Okay… Maybe we’re not there JUST yet to receive recognition from whoever gives web design awards. But if you ask our clients, they’ll tell you that we thoroughly deserve awards, and that we are the real deal and we have your back. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our clients, because if you are successful, we will be successful too. It’s that simple. So why not join a winning team? Let us work our magic for you!

We design for mobile platforms, too.

And tablets. And laptops. And smart TVs. And obviously desktops. If you can imagine a screen. We can project your vision perfectly onto it!

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

Fast opening times! No hanging websites – EVER! So even with limited internet connectivity, we will make sure that your site opens almost immediately. ZERO latency is our goal!

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow

We stick with the guidelines of best practices as outlined by Google Developers, MOZ, SEMrush and others, thereby ensuring that your website is already optimized on-page and ready to be indexed and ranked from the moment we go live.

Our core foundations for ensuring a great website include:

  • SPEED – websites have to open fast, animation needs to be smooth and there should be no jagged scrolling.
  • INTEGRATION – our websites are not only responsive, but they also use the capabilities of the device it is browsed on.
  • RELIABLE – Our websites load instantly and  and are always reliable, no matter the network conditions.
  • ENGAGING – Not only do we offer well-designed sites that flow and encourage the user to explore, but we also offer interactive options, such as Web Push and Notifications.


Project Research

We like to ensure that we design and develop the best possible website for our clients. This includes doing our own niche research to know more about you, your products &/ services. If we’re doing SEO, then this will include an in-depth analysis of your business and your competitors.

Mockups and Test Sites

We value your input and want you to feel part of the creative design process. This is why we run things by you to gauge your do’s and dont’s. In order to do this we employ mock-ups and/or test sites. In the end, you are the one to decide on colors, fonts and images and we’ll do the rest.



The reason why we exclusively use WordPress as our CMS of choice, is because of the design options and plugins available to make every Digital Prospects website unique. To sweeten the deal – if you’re a startup or a business looking to rebrand, we can happily design logos and facilitate the ENTIRE branding process for you as well.


Web development is what we enjoy most because it gives us the opportunity to showcase our creative side.  But, don’t think that we’re just a bunch of would-be graphic designers that think only about creating good looking sites. We meticulously go through a set of design rules we’ve put together to make sure that your site doesn’t just look good, but that it functions well AND is ready to rank organically as well. So, in short: web design is where we shine!

What does Digital Prospects offer?

First and foremost, we create websites.

We’re not only responsible for the look and feel (both the aesthetics and ergonomics) of your website, but also for the technical, behind-the-scenes work that includes the performance and capacity for traffic.

Aesthetics and ergonomics go hand in hand. Not only must your website look good and catch the user’s eye (by using different colours, fonts, photos etc.), but it needs to have a well structured layout, run seamlessly and be easy fot the user to navigate and use. This is the web design part of our job. In addition, we can also offer graphic design services in the form of creating unique branding. We’re happy to design or re-design a logo for you.

The web development side includes a lot more detail, hard work and behind the scenes technical fiddling. This would include the basics, such as making sure all your links work, setting up touch/click to call numbers or send emails to you, ensuring that your content is relevant and includes your keywords and anchor text, making sure that your website’s functionality is optimized, that your site is responsive and opens on all browsers and on different devices with differing screen sizes and resolution, that the site opens quickly, that it gets indexed and so forth.


What about SEO?

The digital world has evolved so much, that simply having an online presence in the form of a website and social media profiles, are not enough anymore.

Think of having a website in terms of being a property developer. If you develop a property, you simply cannot put a “For Sale” sign on the sidewalk in front of the property and wait for people to come in their droves. You cannot rely on people driving by (by chance), seeing the property and then popping in to take a look. What if you’re on the outskirts of a suburb and you don’t have a lot of traffic? Word of mouth from family and friends, will simply not be enough.

That is why you need to look to professionals to help you out. The great thing about SEO, is that we can take your “virtual real estate” / website and move it to where the people are. In addition, we can also make people aware of your business and not just depend on them seeing your business by accident. Through SEO, we make people aware of your business and target specific clients who are already looking for your product/service, thereby giving you a higher conversion rate and ROI (return on investment).

You need to remember that there are thousands of businesses out there, competing for the same clients online. Some niches will be much more competitive than others, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all solution to SEO. What works for one business, won’t ncessarily work for another business, which is why we only offer tailor-made SEO solutions.

Our SEO services will differ from niche to niche and will also be dependent on your budget. The good news is, that we cater to small and medium-sized businesses, whcih means that no-matter your budget or type of business, there will be something that we can do to help your rankings.


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